Day: May 27, 2020

Junkyard Gem: 2004 Chevrolet Classic

What makes a discarded vehicle a junkyard gem? Sometimes it achieves this status due to inherent coolness or enthusiast love; other times the honor comes due to its place in an obscure corner of automotive history. Today’s car is the latter type: a two-model-year-only version of a previous-generation car with ancient platform roots, kept in production for sale only to fleet buyers. Let’s take a look at such a car, at the end of a short lifetime that took it from fleet service to Kansas to a career-ending crash in next-door Colorado, with stops at cannabis dispensaries along the way.

GM ditched the Malibu name after 1983, when it lived on the rear-wheel-drive G-body platform, then revived it for 1997 as the Chevrolet-badged sibling to the Olds Achieva and Buick Skylark. When the Malibu became sibling to the Opel Vectra family in 2004, GM kept

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Now Is the Best Time to Buy a Car

great time to buy

Illustration by Marcos ChinCar and Driver

The past few months have upended virtually every plan anyone had made anywhere in the world, and that upheaval seems likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

So, with the knowledge that time makes fools of us all, and the understanding that pandemics speed the process, we’d like to make a prediction: This is going to be a great year to buy a car.

In some ways, this is a simple supply-and-demand argument. March was a brutal month for car sales, which fell by 27 percent across the industry in the first quarter despite slight increases in January and February. J.D. Power reported some improvement in sales by late April compared with earlier in the month, but numbers still trailed 48 percent behind pre-pandemic forecasts. Automakers temporarily shuttered U.S. plants in March to help slow the spread of the virus (and, in

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McLaren Will Cut 1200 Jobs, May Mortgage Heritage Car Collection

  • Amid the coronavirus pandemic, McLaren is going to cut 1200 jobs, a quarter of its workforce. Those cuts will be spread across its entire group, which includes the Formula 1 team and Applied Technologies.
  • McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt says the hypercar maker expects to lose two years of product momentum while it deals with financial challenges, although the 765LT and the Elva (above) are still on track.
  • The company is trying to raise money from a bond issue that’s secured against McLaren’s heritage car collection and its headquarters, but existing bond holders are crying foul.

    While all automakers have been suffering in the COVID-19 crisis, luxury manufacturers have been struggling more than most with production shutdowns and collapsing revenues. We’ve already told you about Aston Martin’s battle to secure its future—one that predates the coronavirus—and now McLaren is trying to secure its future by raising emergency funding. The supercar maker

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