Day: July 13, 2020

What Do You Think Of This Half-Psychedelic 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda?

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Documented for Big Easy Motors on History, this muscle car is painted 25 colors on the passenger side while the driver’s side appears completely factory.

A Mopar fanatic for a few decades, Tim Wellborn was just 12 years old when he joined his father on an adventure to the local Dodge dealership in Talladega, Alabama. Tim’s father, Doug, was looking to trade in their 1967 Charger for an all-new 1970 model, but a salesperson mentioned that he may want to wait until the 1971 model year due to a redesign in the works. Here, Doug did decide that he would wait for the refreshed ’71 Charger model instead.

While at the dealership, 12-year-old Tim stumbled across a brochure for Plymouth’s Rapid Transit System that his father had picked up. The brochure read, “Anybody can offer a car. Only Plymouth offers a system.”

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