Day: June 14, 2022

Cars With the Best Fuel Efficiency in 2022

The automotive industry has come a long way from the days of the big gas guzzling brutes of yesteryear. As fuel prices have gone up, so too has the demand for more efficient cars. Not to mention our attitudes towards climate and pollution. For the last few decades—particularly in Europe—there has been a real charge to develop car engines to squeeze as much out of every drop of fuel as possible. Car manufacturers have therefore invested millions of dollars and countless hours to develop cars that they can boast will be the cheapest to run without compromising on features and comfort. Technologies such as hybrid and electric power have been explored, as well as an increase in popularity of diesel engines. All in the pursuit of savings to the consumer’s running costs and to the environment.

With cars ranging from 2-door hatchbacks right up to big all-terrain 4WDs, it can … Read More