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Are you tired of going to an auto repair shop now and then? How much have you spent on a quick auto fix? You don’t have to be a pro to solve your car problems. Go to a temporary warehouse space to fix it. Plus, all you need are just these fundamental actions, and you’re going to be exceptional.

Fix Your Broken Gas Lifts

Let’s start with fixing your gas lift cylinders. It’s hard to check on other auto parts when you have damaged lifts. Small might it looks, these lifts hold your car hood. To fix it right away, go to the nearest auto parts store and buy a new lift. Ask your son or someone to hold the hood for you while you replace the damaged lifts. Just be mindful of the ball, socket and spring clips. Prepare a clean and flat surface to place these small pieces while working. Once you pull the cylinder off the ball stud, then it’s guaranteed.

Replace Your Non-Headlight Bulbs

Like your car headlight, small bulbs inside and outside your car is essential. Especially if you’re driving at night, these lights are helpful. Don’t wait for any accident before you replace it. All you need to do is remove the screws to access your burned out license plate. Then slowly pull the bulb out of its socket. In handling the new bulb, use gloves or paper towel. 

Skin oils are dirty and visible on the small glass. After, push the new bulb into the original socket until it clicks. Finish the work by installing the lens back into its place.

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Do Touch Up On Your Car’s Chipped Paint

Chipped auto paint is not satisfying to look. This car problem will require you to spend a lot. Now, is the opportunity to master the steps on tint touch up. The first thing you need to do is buy touch-up paint and tip paint applicators. Clean the chipped area with wax and grease remover. The reason why you’re doing this is to prevent it from rust. When rust accumulates the field, you’ll have to face a bigger problem.

After drying the wax, dip the applicator in the paint and carefully apply it onto the chip. This step is very tricky because it requires control. Dab enough paint, don’t add too much or it will drip. Dry it thoroughly then, apply wax.

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Fix Damaged Leather and Vinyl

The leathers inside your car are equal to your car paint on the outside. It affects the look of your auto. And did you know you can save $200 if you know how to fix tears in your car’s leather? Awesome, right? Of course, you need to buy a vinyl and leather repair kit for less than $20. And that’s it. You can start the repair. Glue the reinforcing fabric onto the underside of the torn leather.

After that, mix the heat-set filler. This trick will help match the fabric colors. Press the patching tool with a clothes iron. Wait until the patch cools before removing the textured mat.

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Keep Your Air Fresh By Replacing Your Cabin Air Filter

Replacing cabin air filter is one of the most vital car maintenance you can do at home. First, you need to visit your auto store and ask the clerk for a replacement cabin air filter and the installation instructions. Behind the glove box, you can usually locate the cabin air filters. Slowly exclude the passage caps so you can slide out the used filter.

Now that you already learn these ways, you can turn these skills into a business. All you need are the automotive tools, the different repair kits, and temporary warehouse space. You need ample area to park damaged cars. Visit our office to get a durable warehouse for your auto business.

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