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Taxi Heathrow Airport has the world’s largest database of user contributed data about taxis around the world, generated by locals and travelers. We are working daily to inspect the quality and reliability of information we provide to you in order to be the reliable place where you can find information to prepare yourself for the unknown destination. Not all places in the world have safe and regulated taxi services such as Canada or Germany for example. When in Latin America or Asia, you would prefer to be well informed before you sit in the unknown car. On the other hand, wherever you travel you need to know what prices and type of service you can expect. We provide you information about prices, conveniences, specifics of taxis in cities around the world, together with people´s reviews and experiences that will help you prepare for your trip to the unknown. And the most important thing is your safety on the road. That is our aim.

The idea of Taxi Heathrow Airport was born from the own need of our co-founders while they were traveling around the world, mostly for business.They worked as business development managers in continents of Latin America, Asia and Africa and working days were often spent in a taxi rides in foreign cities, running from one meeting to another. Working in 3 different continents they experienced every day some new challenges with taxis, especially when in new, unknown city. Sometimes it is a Christian fanatic that wants to teach you everything about religion, sometimes a sweet grandpa who knows history of your own country better than you, but sometimes it can be a very unpleasant experience, from unrealistic overpaying, to robbery and even kidnapping. For this reason we recommend using Taxi Heathrow Airport services and pre booked licence cabs.