Car Insurance

Houston neighborhood drives up highest car insurance rates in Texas

Houstonians who suspect they’re paying higher-than-average car insurance bills aren’t wrong, a new study shows.

While auto insurance rates have fallen nationally for the first time since 2013, Houston — and Texas — haven’t been so lucky. Texas is one of the few states where rates have actually increased year-over-year for 2021, according to a new report by

The company’s fifth annual national study explored 83 million car insurance premiums across every zip code in the U.S. as impacted by common variables such as driver age, gender, driving record, financial behaviors, and the cars themselves.

Rates in Texas top the national average, far exceeding it in some major cities. In Houston, the average annual cost for car insurance is $1,598. Dallas-Fort Worth is close behind with $1,506. Rates for Austin and San Antonio are below the state average of $1,498 annually, coming in at $1,465

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