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Idaho car wash customers quadruple after dust storm

Half of Idaho is in a severe drought, according to the Idaho Department of Water Resources. It has many wondering if a car wash is a good use of the water supply.

BOISE, Idaho — The line doesn’t seem to stop at BlueBird Car Wash. For the last two days, rigs continuously roll through without pause.

Nearly all of them are covered in their entirety with dirt from the Monday dust storm.

“People have been texting me saying this must be a car wash’s dream,” BlueBird Founder and President John Fery said. “To say demand tripled or quadrupled might be an understatement at this point.”

This comes as half the state is a severe drought condition, according to the Idaho Department of Water Resources (IDWR). The drought conditions will worsen and become more widespread in the coming weeks, according to IDRW predictions.

The department expects water shortages in every southern

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Those Car Wash Videos Are Actually Better For People Than You Think

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Screenshot: Reviews by Vince

When I’ve had a long day, there are one of two things I’ll watch to relax before bed. I’ll either watch crochet videos, or I’ll watch people wash cars. Turns out, the latter of those two options actually plays an important role in relaxing children with autism.

This great story comes from Jil McIntosh over at, who chatted to Clint Baker of Reviews by Vince, a YouTube channel that has amassed millions of views on its videos of automatic car washes. Baker started the channel for his son. Here’s a little snippet from the story:

“My son’s autistic, and ever since he was really little, he’s just had a real thing for car washes,” Baker said. “He started watching them on YouTube all the time. I typically go through a lot of car washes anyway, so I decided I would start recording.

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A Woman on TikTok Is Going Viral for Rinsing Her Bright Red Hair Dye Out at the Car Wash

This weekend, in trending TikTok news: A woman has gone viral for going to the car wash to rinse out her bright red boxed hair dye. The user goes by @theonlykeef and her post — captioned “The salon experience. Watch the end!” — amassed more than five million views in a little over a day.

“I wanted to look like Midnight Ruby,” @theonlykeef says at the start of the video while laughing and holding up a box of Splat’s No-Bleach Midnight Hair Color in the shade Ruby; her hands and forehead both drenched in red dye. The person taking the video then says, “So where are we going?” to which she responds, “the car wash.”

Lo and behold, they’re at a car wash in the next clip, with @theonlykeef holding up her hands to show how stained they are. “We’re waiting for my son to show up to

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